Dr. Elham Kawar/JLA Chair

Dr. Kawar is an assistant professor of Arabic /English contrastive linguistics. She had her Ph.D. from the University of Western Sydney and had her M.A. degree from the University of Jordan in English/ Arabic contrastive syntax. Dr. Kawar holds a B.A in English language and literature from Yarmouk University and a B.A. in Arabic language and Literature from Beirut University. She taught at Applied Science University, the University of Sydney and other academic institutions in Jordan and Australia. She Chaired the Department of English Language and Translation at Al-Ahliyyah Amman University. She worked on establishing the JLA since 1994. She taught Arabic as a second language in many institutions in Jordan and Australia. Dr. Kawar has several publications on Arabic and English linguistics.

A/Professor Ghada Mahmoud Khalil

Dr. Ghada Khail got her PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from University of Jordan. She worked as teacher of Arabic language in UNRWA then as Arabic Content lead with Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Jordan and worked as lecturer of Modern Arabic Literature in Al-Tafeela Technical University. She attended many intellectual local and international seminars and conference, she wrote and published various stories and poetry, critique essays in local newspaper and magazine.


A/Professor Ayman Al-Shraideh / Persian Lecturer

Dr. Shraydeh had his PhD History from Tehran University in 2003, he got his BA in History from Yarmouk University and the M.A. from Jordan University. He worked as a lecturer of Persian in many academic institutions among which AL Al-Bayt University between 2001-2004, University of Jordan 2009-2010 and in Mennonite Central Committee.

Dr Ayman started working in Iranian Embassy in Jordan since 2006 up to now. He worked as a lecturer in History between 2005-2007. His publications include:

• Studies for Jabal Ajloun and AlKourah Under the Ottoman Period.

• Detailed Record of Ajloun Mountain Sub-district under Ottoman Period.

• Banou Makhzoum Tribe in North Jordan.

• Political Relationship Between Iran, Egypt and Syria during Karim Khan Zandid.

• Portand Coast of Southern Part of Iran During Karim Khan Zandid.

• European Travelers in Iran at Tamerlane Period up to Ghajars (Gypsy) period and other.

Dr Demah Nawarah

Dr. Nawarah got her B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Jordan and her M.A. form AL-Yarmouk University with distinction in 2006. She worked in several institutions and enjoyed teaching Arabic. She has been working in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers since 2004 at the University of Jordan and at Jordan Language Academy.


Mr. Jalal Al Rifai

Mr. Jalal Rifai is a well-known calligraphist and cartoonist in Jordan, the Arab region and internationally. He worked as a calligraphist for many newspapers and magazines in the Arab world writing the headings of Al-Dustour daily in Jordan, and Al Bayan daily in Dubai. He got his first and second degrees in layout and cartoons from UK. Yousuf Al-Najjar, who was a very famous calligraphist at that time, has taught Mr. Rifai the art of calligraphy before getting his UK education. His cartoons have been being published in all the Jordanian newspapers and many magazines all over the Arab countries. He won many prizes, merit certificates and trophies from many countries and institutions in the world. He won the Trophy of the Arab Pioneers in the art of cartoons under the sponsorship of the Arab league. Currently Mr. Rifai is the president of the Jordanian Cartoonist Association. Jordan Language Academy is proud to have Mr. Rifai with its academic staff. He teaches the art of calligraphy to our student and exposes them to many artistic works in his field. To know more about the works of Mr. Rifai please visit

Ms Rasha Farouq Jarrar

Rasha is JLA's administrator, she finished her BA in English Language and Literature from Philadelphia University, Rasha is very enthusiastic and willing to help our student at Jordan Language Academy in person and online, she loves Languages and very interested in helping our students in Arabic Language and Culture.